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HammoChair. From crafts to design

Hammochair is a system of strings tightened around an oak structure.
I was interested on the idea of being suspended rather than sitting on a rigid structure. Therefore I avoided the use of any horizontal support in the wooden structure and I played with string tension to create the seat.
The result is an object that works with tension rather than compression,  a chair for sitting in rather than on.

It is the final project of my Furniture Studio at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen, where I understood the importance of prototyping, moving from abstract ideas and analysis to concrete, tangible, and experiential things. In fact, while designing this chair I soon realized, since I was dealing with string tensions, that sketches and digital drawing wouldn’t have helped me. So I started prototyping from the very beginning, going through a fast and spontaneous trial and error phase that I used to explore, evolve, and communicate my ideas.

HammoChair has been published on the Special Products page of the danish company Århus Possementfabrik website, which sponsored the string: Flagline

Scale 1:1
Real scale prototype

Structure: solidwood – oak
Seat: String – Flagline


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